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Learn a little more about the features and proper handling of polypropylene plates (PP plates).


The PP sheets secured in our packages must comply with procedures and conditions for the maintanance of its quality.
•The exposition to sun, rain, dust and moisture is not recommended. Ground moisture is also  harmful to the PP sheet.
•The packages must be always in a flat base and standing in horizontal position so it does not deform the sheet.
•Weights on the packages tend to mark or paste the sheets, therefore are not recommended.
•Variation of temperature must also be avoided, since there are risks of dimentional variations such as expansion, shrinkage or deformation.
•Never expose the sheets directly to the sun, because PP suffers photodegradation, and it might result in loss of the physical characteristics of the sheets.
•Avoid the exposure to dust, due to the natural statics of the product , these micro particles of dust might get impregnated on the sufarce.
•Avoid foldering or leaving the package hanging at some point during handling, because the sheet might be marked in parts, foldered /pressed;
•Use gloves or wash your hands before handling the sheets, in order to avoid dirt or oil in your hands, because it might hinder the printing in the sheets;
When using PP sheets for placemats, it must be storaged in a way that the product rests flat, due to the memory that the product acquires for its properties. 

The PP sheets Plascony are petroleum devired, in its formation, the first generation of its productive chain, it is used in basic products such as: Ethen, Propylene among others. In the second generation these products are transformed in thermoplastic resin for Petrochemicals. And in the third genaration PLASCONY stands out in transforming resins as a pioneer in producing Polypropylene sheets.
Polypropylene is considered inert chemically and biologically and it has the approval for contact with the surface of food and pharmacy related products.

DENSITY: 0,92 g/cm³
SOFTENING POINT: 150º C   ( symbolic -  it depends on forms, thickness and exposure time  )

For using bi-component ink, Corona treatment is good for 90 days. 
For UV ink, this treatment is good for 30 days in smooth textures and 90 days in other textures.



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