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Transforming PP in Possibilities
The dream comes true, when Mr. Konishi starts Plascony’s journey in 1976. Over the time of almost half a century providing products and services Plascony’s philosophy is the capacity of creating new standards, innovate and being a pioneer.
            With support and contribution, Mr. Konishi brought to Brazil the first extruder machine of polypropylene flat sheets.
The first manufacturer of polypropylene sheets in Brazil started its operations in Santana de Parnaíba. The production of PP sheets became inspiration to the manufacture of school folders and binding covers. Bringing to the national Market folders, binding covers and sheets with excellent quality and many colors. At the time it produced them in royal blue, green, red, black and leather suede textures.
The growth was constant in the 90’s, the Brazilian open market and the technical innovation made it possible for the emergence of new colors and textures. Plascony presents to Brazil the Super Line texture in transparent colors.
Plascony starts to supply the domestic market and Latin America with folders and binding covers.
Years have passed until Plascony improved its specialties opening a new business front, it begins to service the graphic industry and others industries that use PP sheets in many sectors.
Thanks to the solid management work, Plascony consolidated its name in the domestic and international market producing approved solutions for clients of many sizes and many field of business.
Nowadays Plascony is positioned in the market as a company that always concerned about offering the best customer service, following its necessities and meeting deadlines, always looking for innovative solutions, with its performance marked by contract compliance and ever competitive prices.
For 40 years Plascony brings innovation, anticipating solutions that will transform your daily life. 
  • Mission

    Providing quality products that meet or overcome our client expectations, benefiting employees and business partners with our success.

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  • Vision

    Being a global reference transforming the plastic Industry.
    Inspiring trust and establishing links with our business partners and employees.
    Dedicating all of our efforts to transform and improve the society and environment sustainability.

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  • Values

    Ethic and transparency

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